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    Rewiring a property can be a disruptive and costly process.

    The work is carried out in two stages: first fix: cabling, wiring and boxes are installed, and second fix when everything is connected up and made 'live'; when the sockets, switches and lights are fitted.

    Due to regulations, safety and inevitable deterioration, sooner or later it becomes necessary to rewire a property.

    It goes without saying that this can be messy, disruptive and a costly process. At Manchester Electric we offer rewiring services on a contracting basis as well as working directly with homeowners. Having vast experience in this field we have developed a selected team of electricians who have earned respect for their specialist knowledge and ability to provide a high level of service and quality for this task which benefits homeowners and tenants alike.

    The rewiring team consists of 2 fully qualified electricians and 2 modern apprentices. Using correct, specialist tools and machinery the electricians provide a superior level of service and end-product.

    The Manchester Electric team have earned respect for the ability to complete rewiring projects in a very professional and timely manner. On completion of every property the qualifying supervisor carries out a full NIC EIC inspection, once completely satisfied, full certification and a 5 year parts and labour guarantee is provided.

    Please call to arrange a free quote from the specialists, it will save you money, time and provide complete satisfaction.

    For the customer the cost of rewiring is understandably a primary consideration. As well as the cost of the rewiring, there are inevitably separate costs that arise for work such as plastering and redecorating. In some circumstances (where practicable) repairs and partial rewiring may be an alternative option to fully rewiring.

    When comparing quotations it is important that the customer is aware of the variance in the quality of electrical materials. At Manchester Electric we use only the best materials from trusted brands.

    Rewiring Frequently Asked Questions

    Q.: How much does a rewiring cost?
    A.: The average cost is £1900 and this is based on a medium sized, 3 bedroom terraced house.

    Q.: How long does a house Rewire take to complete?
    A.: The average time taken for the specialist team to rewire a domestic dwelling is 2 days.

    Q.: Is any plastering work needed and included?
    A.: Plastering work will be required and can be arranged at an extra cost.

    Q.: Can I still live in the house whilst the rewiring is being done?
    A.: Yes, we are able to rewire occupied properties.

    Q.: Do you rewire commercial buildings?
    A.: Yes this carried out by a combination of the house rewire team and other electricians.

    Q.: Am I able to DIY assist the rewiring?
    A.: For legal reasons and health & safety, this is usually not possible.

    Q.: How often does a house need Rewiring?
    A: The average lifespan of cabling varies dramatically due to several factors including the original design and installation to way the building is used and maintained.

    Rewiring Cost Calculator

    Please use the caluculator below for an estimate of cost.

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